Our Platform

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The Smartify platform is designed to make your digital marketing strategy more efficient without weighing down your internal resources. The first of its kind, our intelligent marketing engine drives conversion rates of 35, 50, even 70%, allowing you to motivate more people to connect with your brand, driving frequent, more meaningful, engagement.

Seamless Program Management

Our Client Services team is the best in the business when it comes to optimizing your program for success. Smartify facilitates the customization of your program and is always ready to help answer questions about your campaign or your results.

We work with organizations of all types, and also work directly with your other partners, such as design firms, marketing agencies, project management firms, or developers, to ensure success for your digital marketing program.

Flexible Creativity

Examples of our campaign designs
The Smartify design team is able to deliver on a wide range of needs to customize the look of your campaign while adhering to your brand identity guidelines. We’ll happily turn any campaign you envision into something effective, unique, and visually exciting.

Rapid Launch Time

With thousands of launches under our belt, we are experts at executing and deploying campaigns at lightning speed. The Smartify platform was built to allow for quick, effective customization, which allows your program to go live weeks or even months earlier than it would if you were to build it in-house.

Independent Tech Platform

Smartify requires no IT assistance on your end and can be integrated seamlessly into your current marketing efforts, allowing you to get campaigns up and running quickly.

Smartify can also be integrated with many of the digital services you already use, such as point-of-sale systems, CRM databases, and email marketing platforms, allowing you to sync and import data from other sources and see how your digital marketing efforts impact other areas of your business.

Analytics and Insights

Examples of Smartify's reporting dashboardThe backend dashboard of the Smartify platform delivers real-time actionable insights that help  you to make critical business decisions. Review the  demographics, engagement metrics, and amplification data of every single participant in your campaign. In fact, we report on more than 100 social data points on each individual. Whether you’re interested in accessing the dashboard on your own to see progress throughout the campaign, or would prefer your Smartify client services representative to review the data with you directly, we deliver insights in the way that works best for your team.

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